What is a 3D Construction Scanner and Why Would I Need One?

Laser scanning is a popular modern construction technique. It provides accurate details of an existing structure or construction site. It is an efficient process that is used in a variety of construction applications.

A 3D construction scanner works by creating point clouds. Point clouds contain data that is used to map the shape and size of buildings and other physical objects. It helps architects and contractors understand site conditions, execute designs, measure progress, and create building models.

This article will discuss the functions of a 3D construction scanner so you can better understand its uses and benefits.

What are the Uses of a 3D Scanner?

Maps Site Conditions

Architects must base their designs on the client’s as-built drawings. Unfortunately, these drawings are often inaccurate. Sometimes they are not available at all.

Contractors conduct site surveys to determine existing conditions, but they are typically unable to capture the necessary details or identify problem areas in the plans or designs due to time constraints and a shortage of resources. The lack of accuracy can lead to change orders, delays, added costs, and other issues.

3D construction scanning helps architects and contractors map out existing conditions by providing as built services to mitigate the risk of future issues.

Aids with Design Execution

Once contractors and architects have existing conditions mapped out, they can compare them against as-built drawings to ensure they are accurate. They can even color-code their maps to determine how far they deviate from the as-built design. This technique helps them correct issues before they become a more serious problem.

Helps Create a 3D Model

Architects must often convey ideas to stakeholders and investors who don’t have a strong grasp of the design process. 3D scanner maps can be used to create a model so stakeholders can better understand what they are talking about. The scanners provide a quick and efficient process that offers high levels of accuracy.

Provides As-Built Services

3D construction scanning makes it easy for businesses to provide as-built services like verification and documentation. It collects precise data points for buildings and sites and offers custom deliverables that make project planning and execution more efficient.

Benefits Product Evaluation

You can use 3D laser scanning throughout the construction process. It will provide you with an accurate record of every feature. It can be used during the construction phase and beyond. It will add value to the project’s lifecycle.

Matches the Plan with the Output

Scanning data will offer a direct comparison of project development and execution. It will make it easy for the team to identify errors so they can address them immediately. It also helps determine the most efficient assembly and transportation processes.

What are the Benefits of 3D Scanning?

Simplifies Planning:

A 3D construction scanner offers as-built conditions that aid with Existing Conditions Building Information Modeling (ECBIM). It increases accuracy during planning and helps you make more informed decisions.

Aids with Design:

3D modeling gives you the data you need to produce construction documents that will be reviewed by an architecture consultant.

Helps with Construction Coordination:

A construction project calls for several contractors and teams. It’s vital that there are no clashes and that each task is completed in an orderly fashion. A 3D map will provide an automated layout that makes it easy to schedule your workers.

More Efficient Operations:

You can incorporate your data into your management platform to make building maintenance and operations more efficient.

Reduces Risk:

3D scanning boosts productivity and collaboration while reducing the need for change orders and reworking. It will help you create an intuitive process in the most complex of building environments.

Eliminates Waste:

3D maps allow you to create an efficient plan that keeps projects on time and within budget. They also increase safety and reduce waste.

Grows Your Business:

3D scanning is an added feature that will allow you to provide different services to your clients and grow your business.

Improves Your Skills:

Construction scanning helps you understand more about the construction process improving your skills.

3D scanning greatly simplifies the construction process. It offers more accuracy and more efficiency in the various building processes. Will you be incorporating it into your professional services?

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