Your Guide to Website Optimization for Voice Searches

Aiko Yoshinaga

Your Guide to Website Optimization for Voice Searches

A recent company report from Google revealed that 20% of all mobile searches last year were done by voice. Even with the widespread use of Alexa and Siri, most websites are not adapting to the behavioral change that internet users are going through when it comes to conducting online searches. It is high time to make sure that the business is prepared for this trend. Here’s what is required to be fully prepared to tackle this trend, your guide to website optimization for voice searches.

Think Local When It Comes to Search Results

No less than one time every week, approximately 9 out of 10 smartphone users use voice search to discover local businesses. On balance, voice search is not just used for eCommerce purposes or to buy something.

For instance, if your cat is feeling a bit sick and you are not really sure what to do, searching on Google to find a cat groomer or a veterinarian nearby is the most obvious thing you will do. This nearby local vet may become a permanent provider for the future. When preparing your website optimization plan for voice searches, it is important to think from the point of view of a potential customer and make sure that it is extremely easy for them to find your business.

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Make the most of chatty long tail keyword searches by taking into consideration location based searches a potential customer may run. For instance.

  1. Cat groomers in Brisbane
  2. Pet day care in Alice Springs
  3. What is the closest park open for pets?

Identify User Intent

The most important aspect of website optimization for voice searches is gaining a clear understanding of

  1. the potential customer’s search entries
  2. why they are asking those questions

Once these two queries have been answered, every web optimization campaign will become easier. This sense of user intent and voice search will make you

  1. generate rich and quality content
  2. generate content full of keywords that are big on value

An easy way to fasten the process of understanding of user intent is to examine the linked searches section in the results for any given query. This helps in realizing the intent with which the users ask these commonly asked questions and determine exactly what the target audience is searching for.

Google’s main goal is to deliver every user with the most applicable search results possible. Although mastery of SEO is an essential skillset, obtaining a clear understanding of the target Google user is the foundation of being successful digital marketing.

Create Google My Business Account

A lot of voice searches consider the present location of the user. For instance –

  • “What is the best Italian restaurant near me?”
  • “Gift shop in Melbourne”
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If a company sets up a Google My Business page, the chances of appearing at the top of “near me” search results are considerably increased.

These are the most important aspects of voice search optimization that you need to consider. Get in touch top experts of Web Design Melbourne, and they will help you successfully optimize your website to cater to voice searches.

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