6 Best Part-Time Jobs In Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Part-time jobs are a big part of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, which helps fans earn Zenny to unlock emotes, clothes, and more.

Street Fighter 6 by Capcom has brought in a lot of money for the series of fighting games. With 18 playable characters and a lot of great moves, both old and new, the creator has been able to make another hit in recent years. The game has more than just the Arcade mode. It also has Battle Hub and World Tour.

The World Tour mode is basically the story. It lets players start from scratch with a new character and take them up the ranks to become the best fighter. This journey works like a role-playing game (RPG), where they can go on missions to learn from the game’s regular roster of Masters.

There are also funny parts of the game, like the part-time jobs that players can do. Not only can players get higher scores, like in old-school fighting games, but they can also earn Zenny and train their real-life physical skills. Because of this, the minigames are also a fun way to learn. The currency lets them unlock emotes, outfits, and consumables that they can use in the mode since their health and stamina don’t recover immediately. Since these side jobs are important to Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, it’s important to know more about them.

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