Execute The Configuration Process Of The Wavlink Extender

Wavlink AC1200 extender is a device that is basically used to extend or boost the range of the existing router WiFi signals. It consists of four external antennas, and with the help of that antenna, you can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection in all directions of your office or house.

Tip: If you are having the other model number of the Wavlink extender at home such as AC600 outdoor, then you will need to visit the Wavlink AC600 setup page.

Wavlink AC1200 Extender Benefits

  • Increase the range of router WiFi signals in less time.
  • The login and setup process of the Wavlink AC1200 extender is straightforward.
  • It supports dual frequency bands.
  • The Wavlink AC1200 extender device is easy to carry or handle.
  • At all corners of offices and houses enjoy fast internet speed, without any interruption.

Pre-Requirements To Do Wavlink Login Process

  • Grab the laptop, computer, PC, etc.
  • Must have the Wavlink extender and router device.
  • Take one long ethernet wire.
  • After that, the login details of your gadget.

Wavlink AC1200 Extender Login Process

  • First, open the web browser on your laptop or on your computer.
  • After that, enter in the location bar.
  • Now, the Wavlink AC1200 extender login page opens up on your display.
  • Next, fill in all the details shown on the Wavlink extender page.
  • In the end, verify the login details with the help of a manual booklet and hit on the login button to complete the Wavlink extender login process.

Configure Wavlink AC1200 Extender

There are two ways to do the configuration process of the Wavlink AC1200 extender.

By Pressing AC1200 Extender WPS Button

Note: Before starting this process, make sure that your main router must have the WPS button.

  • First, settle the Wavlink AC1200 extender power plug into the power socket.
  • Now, look at the Wavlink extender LEDs indication.
  • After that, push the Wavlink AC1200 extender and main router WPS button.
  • Next, wait for a short while to see the WPS LED start blinking solid.
  • Hence, it means the Wavlink AC1200 extender successfully linked with each other.

By Launching Navigation

  • First, in the power socket settle the Wavlink AC1200 extender power plug.
  • After that, take the laptop and connect it to the Wavlink WiFi range extender network.
  • Next, open Chrome on your laptop and fill in in the URL bar.
  • Next, fill in the login details and hit on the New Extender Setup option.
  • Now, select the WiFi network that you want to boost.
  • Then, fill in or insert the details such as username and password.
  • Finally, the Extender Successfully Connected notification will appear on your laptop disp[lay.

Troubleshoot Wavlink WiFi Range Extender Issue

There are several ways to fix or resolve the Wavlink WiFi range extender issue.

Look at Wavlink AC1200 Extender Placement

Due to improper placement of the Wavlink extender, you can face issues. The best location for the placement of the Wavlink AC1200 extender is the house’s central location. Also, check that the extender and router do not locate near the metal appliances. Metal appliances absorb all the WiFi signal which comes from the extender and router device.

Identify Wavlink Extender And Router Distance

Make sure that the gap between the extender and the router should be minimum not maximum. If the distance between them is maximum then you can face the connection issue. So, make sure about the distance.

Power Cycle Wavlink AC1200 Extender

  • Initially, press the power button.
  • After that, take out the Wavlink extender power plug from the power socket.
  • Next, wait for a short while and settle the Wavlink extender power plug back into the power socket.
  • Later, turn on your wavlink AC1200 extender device.
  • In the end, check whether the Wavlink AC1200 extender issue is now resolved or not.

Enhance Wavlink AC1200 Extender Firmware

  • First, open the navigation on that WiFi gadget that links or connects to the Wavlink extender network.
  • After that, visit the Wavlink extender web management page.
  • Then, look for an administration option and hit on the software upgrade option.
  • In the end, download the latest version of the software file on your laptop or computer.

Reset Wavlink AC1200 Extender

  • At the back side of the Wavlink WiFi range extender device, you can see the reset hole button.
  • Now, press the reset button with a paperclip for 10 seconds.
  • Next, all the Wavlink AC1200 extender LEDs will turn off.
  • Therefore, it means your Wavlink AC1200 extender device is now completely reset.

Note: After the reset, you will need to do the Wavlink AC1200 setup process again.

As of now, after the study of this entire page now you will be able to do the Wavlink AC1200 extender setup process without facing any trouble. If you want much more updates regarding the Wavlink device, then stay closer to this post or article.

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