What Should You Know Before You Download Smart Switch Samsung Mobile?

Samsung Smart Switch is a free app that was developed by the famous developer Samsung Inc. It was developed for sharing more data from older devices to new Galaxy devices. No doubt, it is not only for Galaxy devices, if you are the latest Android mobile device user, you can also use the Smart Switch Samsung Mobile to transfer a bundle of data between cross-platform devices. Let’s ready to Download Smart Switch For Android as the best free application to move data from one to another smart device without any data loss. 

Smart Switch Samsung Mobile – Definition 

Millions of worldwide Android users are interested in an amazing file-sharing tool on the market called Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch. The reason behind its popularity is its cool newest features and functionalities. If you are a Samsung device user, you can download the Smart Switch APK or Smart Switch For PC version to move the collection of data from an older device to a new Samsung device without any data loss and vice versa. For that matter, most of them are willing to use the Smart Switch App on their Android device. 

Features of Samsung Mobile Data Transfer Software Free Download

We are going to define all the newest features of Smart Switch Samsung Mobile from the below list. 

  • This is a freeware application
  • The User interface is very simple to handle
  • This app is supported with Blackberry, iOS, and Android with Windows mobiles as well as Windows and Mac PC devices
  • Anyone can easily use it
  • It is 100% safe to use
  • You can easily share your important files between the old device and the new Samsung device
  • All the data such as media like music, all your precious memories, all the videos, your calendar events, the device settings, and other different kinds of documents you can transfer to your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  • This app is available as a Smart Switch APK and Smart Switch PC version so that now you do not worry about the platform of your device
  • There is the best chance to use this smart app in the main three options. It means you can use this with Wifi Direct, USB or OTG cable, or PC methods to transfer any data safely.
  • There are systemless file-transferring abilities 

Three Simple ways to Samsung Smart Switch Free Download

Smart Switch App released with three simple ways to data migrate. You can transfer data from your old smartphone to your new Galaxy smartphone through USB Cable, Wireless, or computer. Now, you can easily choose any of these methods to transfer data between cross-platform devices if you feel most comfortable. 

Can I Smart Switch App Download For Android?

Yes, you can free download the Smart Switch APK on your Android device directly. First, you should have to Install the Smart Switch App for both Android devices. Click on the Smart Switch Samsung Mobile link here to download the most recently released Smart Switch APK download on your Android devices. Then connect the new Galaxy device through the Smart Switch App on both Android devices. Now open the application on both devices and select “Android devices” on both Androids. 

Next, go to the old Android device and touch the “send” option and choose all the data you want to move from your old device. Press the receive option on the new Samsung device and wait for a second to complete the sharing process on the new Samsung device. No doubt, this is the most reliable way to transfer important data from an old device to a new Galaxy device or other Android mobiles on the market.  

How to Data Migrate via iCloud or USB OTG Using Smart Switch App For iOS?

If you need to move iOS device data to a new Samsung device, then how do you transfer your data from an iOS device to a Samsung Galaxy device? No doubt, Free Smart Switch is the best solution and it is not as difficult a task as you think. The best method is to use iCloud or USB OTG options to do that migration task more easily.

Sad to say that you can’t download the Smart Switch app on your iOS device directly. However, you can only Smart Switch Samsung Mobile for your Galaxy device. Then you can move iOS device data to a Samsung Galaxy device without any data loss.

iCloud method

  1. You just need to connect your devices with the USB OTG cable
  2. Then open the downloaded Smart Switch app on your new Galaxy device and touch the WIRELESS option
  3. Press the  RECEIVE on new galaxy devices
  4. Choose iOS and enter your Apple ID and password for the iCloud account
  5. After that, you will see the SIGN IN and connect to your iCloud account
  6. Finally, you can select the content you need to transfer and then hit IMPORT

USB OTG method

  1. Connect a USB connector to your new Galaxy device
  2. Now connect your old iOS device to your new Galaxy device using the Lighting USB cable
  3. Open the app on your new Galaxy device and select the USB CABLE TRANSFER to automatically connect the iOS and your new device
  4. Then hit the RECEIVE button
  5. Now touch ALLOW on your old iOS device to move to the next step
  6. Select the content you want to transfer and hit the TRANSFER button
  7. Finally, press the CLOSE APP to end


Before you are going to download Smart Switch Samsung Mobile on your smart device, you have to keep these facts in your mind.

  • If you have an Android-powered new smartphone and an old smartphone, you have to install the Smart Switch app on both devices
  • Download the most recently released Smart Switch Mobile App makes it easy to transfer backup data between old Android smartphones to new Android smartphones
  • Your smart device should have at least Android (version 4.0 or later) or Apple (iCloud Backup enabled) operating systems for transferring data via the Smart Switch Mobile app without any data loss

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